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McPalin, the classic Obama supporter

McPalin, you are the classic voter who is putting this country at risk with your right to vote for a scumbag like Obuma. I really wish that they had IQ requirements of at least 60 to get a ballot. Are you really that stupid or are you just having fun. What has Bush done to you personally? Really consider that for a moment. Lets remember a couple of things (try not to get dizzy), this economic mess started during the Clinton years because credit was extended to mythological levels and the overly inflated tech stocks rightly adjusted themselves. Secondly, we have not had another major terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11. Yes, war sucks but there has been benefits. Saddam Hussein is dead, a vicious dictator who ran concentration camps and used posion gas on entire regions. While there is a resurgence of the Taliban, they are a shadow of what they were before we stepped in. Now, Bush has made mistakes, but he did have the interests of the USA at heart. The idea that you would vote for an unknown, untested, and underqualifed loser like Obuma just because the media told you that Bush was bad is enough to make intellegent people tremble. We laugh at you behind your back and talk about you when we get together. Please try to understand that voting is important and that if you really don't have the brains to make a logical choice, then you should probably stay home on election day. Seriously, it is the best thing that you can do for your country. Stop watching mainstream media on TV. Research and read some unbiased material. Please try to become a person worthy of casting a ballot that will effect a whole lot more than you can imagine.


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