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I think not Zippy. If there is no merit to this, why hasn't Senator Obama presented a clear, uncopied, easy to read original copy of his birth certificate? Why did he have to use legal "smoke and mirror" technicalities to have the lawsuit dismissed this past week; not months ago as you stated? Why does he name one hospital in Hawaii as his birth place while his half sister named another? For that matter, where are the hospital records which could clear this issue up? Why did his paternal grandmother state she was at the hospital in Africa when he was born? How could he attend school in Indonesia, during his residency there? At that time only Indonesian residents could attend Indonesian schools? Why do the Indonesian public school records list his nationality as Indonesian? Did his step-father and mother renounce his US citizenship in order for him to attend Indonesian schools? If they did that, it would have been necessary for him to return as a Naturalized Citizen. Naturalized citizens, such as the Governor of California and Henry Kissinger, are not eligible to be President. He never did that; and thus if they did renounce his US citizenship all those years ago in Indonesia, he's no longer a natural born citizen, if in fact he ever was one. It would have been necessary for him to take an oath of allegiance and a number of other things in order to become Naturalized. Sorry but that's the way the Constitution is written. Why will he not authorize the release of his college records including admission applications? Is he concerned they might confirm a nationality other than US? Zippy, I'll bet no one in the Nixon Administration thought Watergate would lead where it took our country. Of course, they were all Republicans. I wonder how long this would have remained hidden had Senator Obama been a Republican? There would have been investigative reporters from here to Africa and Indonesia. More importantly though, since this remains an "open, festering, wound" doesn't Senator Obamam owe the millions of people who support him and will likely vote for him, a final clearing of the air? Don't they, and everyone who will have to live under an Obama regime, have the right to know the person elected is absolutely, positively legally qualified to be President? Note the word LEGAL. Clearly he is not a qualified leader with years of experience leading a governemt or even being a force in the Senate who can build concensus opinions. Voting PRESENT in the Senate sure does not communicate much on how he stands on so many positions other than his "take from the hard working and give to the non-working." Huey Long tried that back in the 1930's. Got him no further than the Senate. What is so hard about this? The Constitution is pretty clear and specific on what one must be in order to be President. The Big 3: 1. Is he 35 years old or older? 2. Has he resided in this country for at least the last 14 years? 3. Is he a NATURAL BORN Citizen? What is he hiding that prevents him from providing documents as simple as a birth certificate? Will it prove he can not qualify on the basis of #-3? Zippy -- he can not have it both ways.


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