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you continue to offer bluster instead of fact. You want to see Senator McCain's birth certificate, go to his website. Easy to read and understand. Are you that retarded you can not accept Senator McCain is a natural born US Citizen on the basis of 2 natural born Citizen parents and being born on the soil of a US protectorate? Sorry but those are the FACTS!! On the other hand we have Senator Obama who has one of 2 choices. 1. Present a copy of his birth certificate. 2. Spend millions of dollars in a court battle to avoid the truth. If the Democrats win on November 4, look forward to President Biden. That should be a horrifying thought. Don't forget, after November 4, the Electoral College meets and after that the results have to be ratified by the House and Senate. At some point, he's going to have to come up with a bonafide birth certificate. At the last minute, let him claim the records were lost in a fire. Go to the hospital and get copies. Release his college admission applications. Delaying tactics. Zippy, you're spouting off like a beached whale. But then maybe you can go to the airport when he boards the plane to return to this birth land after it comes to light he has no birth certificate from Hawaii, any of the other 49 states, any territory, or any protectorate. Even you can not change the facts, Zippy. To modify your logo: "I'm Barrack Hussein Obama, II and I am not a natural born citizen."


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