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birth certificate

Are *you* that retarded? (Nice personal slams from you BTW.)Typical. He did present a birth certificate that has been authenticated by the state of Hawaii. It has also be authenticated by a few other news and political organizations. One site has it in their hands with photos of all sides of it. Have you seen a copy of one from Kenya???????? NO. But you choose to believe it because it suits your agenda. I think there is a TON of deep seated racism here that prevents you and others from seeing the whole picture and makes it easier for you to believe all the rumors online. It justifies in your mind what you think. I was raised in the south, I am white and I will admit that in times past I have been a racist (maybe I still am). BUT I can not stand for the filth and mud slinging that has gone along with this campaign from anyone. I do research when I hear something new, I also ask myself that if any of it were true just how will it effect me and my country if B.O is president and frankly I cant see a problem. He is just a man. I cant see why you are so afraid.


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