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My logo is "I am Zippy and I am NOT a natural born citizen". I was born in Europe. Seriously. Tom said:"Are you that retarded you can not accept Senator McCain is a natural born US Citizen on the basis of 2 natural born Citizen parents and being born on the soil of a US protectorate?" Yeah, re-read my posts. I KNOW that, I was making a sarcastic point. Ton said:"Release his college admission applications. Delaying tactics." WHY? You seem to think this farce has been going on all his life so why would he put anything other that Hawaii as his birth place on his college apps.? Remember this is a HUGE farce involving many people including official government entities. I HAVE NO idea what hospital my sister was born in, do you? I know a lot of people that do not have an original birth cert. issued the day of birth. They get lost. That is why you contact the state and county where you were born and get a certified COPY of it.


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