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You can't see a problem with Obama?

Obviously you weren't around the last time we tried this "spread the wealth" nonsense. (Wavy lines and eerie, sci-fi music as we flash back to the late Sixties) Lyndon Baines Johnson declared a "War on Poverty," and promised us "The Great Society." We saw institutions such as Welfare, Food Stamps, public housing and Medicaid come into existence under something called the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect was the acceptance of these programs by poor Americans as some type of progress. It never dawned on them that a millionaire Texas Democrat (who routinely used "the N word" as a description of any Black) simply wanted them to stop rioting and burning down New York, Chicago, Detroit, and L.A, every time they got bored. So we placed no requirements on people whatsoever. They didn't have to go to school, they didn't have to work. They simply got to lie around Section 8 housing and pop out babies. And every time they had another baby, WE GAVE THEM MORE MONEY! We made up nonsensical rules, such as refusing to pay welfare if there was an adult male living at home. Guess why all the daddies left? Within twenty years we had tax rates bumping on seventy percent. SEVENTY!!!! Our economy was dead on its butt and mortgage interest rates were in double digits. Unemployment rates were also in double digits in some states. Within thirty years we were into destroying our third generation of poor Americans. They were totally non-functional, and could do nothing other than cash those checks we were giving them. They didn't HAVE to do anything else! Thankfully, two men with some brains changed the picture. Ronald Reagan convinced Congress to drop the tax rates by half and Bill Clinton convinced the Congress to end "welfare for life." Zippy, "spreading the wealth around" simply doesn't work. It makes the recipients lazy and dysfunctional, and it makes those who are having their wealth seized simply not bother to accumulate more wealth....or develop crafty ways to hide it. Socialism is an inherently flawed system that you are getting ready to vote into power. How can you be that irresponsible? Look at Europe, cutting benefits all over the place because the free lunches (that were never really free) started bankrupting the nations. Obama's color is no concern to me. His politics, however, are truly frightening because I have already lived through what happens to this country when Socialists start playing Santa Claus with other people's money. It doesn't work, Zippy!


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