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the constitution does spell out some pretty specific items anyone taking the oath of office, for President, must meet. They deal with age, length of residence in country prior to taking office, and being the off-spring of natural citizens not naturalized. Having said that, one must remember the President takes an oath of office. Part of that oath is to uphold and defend the constitution. That portion of the oath is included in the oath sworn to by anyone entering military service. Does anyone think John McCain did not think about that oath often while being held in a POW camp in North Vietnam? The President should lead by example. The last Democratic President certainly danced around, and out right lied, concerning his relationship with an intern. He lied concerning his relationship with a woman while Governor of Arkansas. And he only escaped conviction at his impeachment trial when a group of Democratic Congressmen banded together and voted that his actions did not constitue crimminal and immoral activity. But at least he had a clearly legible birth certificate. That is something Senator Obama has not presented to date. WHY? Why is that such an issue? Regardless of whether you agree with his socialistic proposals to steal from the rich and give to those who do not work, we have the right to expect him to meet the Constitutional requirements in order to be President. Frankly, his failure to comply with a simple request is clear evidence he is thumbing his nose at every citizen who has supported him. What happens, should he be succesful on November 4, when the results are sent to the Electoral College and Congress? Think major constitutional crisis. Think President Biden. Think Bull Dog Pelosi being just a heart beat away from the Presidency while a new Vice President is appointed. What is so hard about providing access to records? We're not just talking about his borth certificate. He will not authorize the hospital where he claims he was born to release his birth records. He will not allow access to his college and law school admission applications which would certainly list his nationality. If he is relying on smoke and mirros now; what happens should he be elected next week?


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