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Part of the challenge

is that too many do not understand how wealth redistribution works. In an effort to clear the air, here is a simplistic example: "I am looking for someplace to eat lunch as I perform my job throughout the day. I park my car and notice a homeless man at the parking lot entrance. He holds a sign which reads "Vote Obama, '08 I need the money" I go inside the restaurant and notice my waiter is wearing an Obama '08 tee shirt. I order lunch; he provides exceptional service. When I go to pay my check, I tell the waiter I am going to redistribute his tip to someone who has a greater need. He is sputtering and clearly unhappy. He watches me leave the restaurant. Before I enter my car, I walk over to the homeless man and give him $3.00. He gets a puzzled look on his face; but then smiles. In summary, I took the waiter's hard earned $3.00 tip and gave it to someone who doesn't work. I made the hard working individual unhappy when the impact of wealth redistribution hit him and took his money. I made the person who does not work happy by giving him money he did not earn." I guess this wealth redistribution thing needs more amplificiation if this does not explain on a local level how it could work.


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