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Get a clue SurfCityTom

Tom, you must not be paying too much attention to the current credit crisis we are currently having in this great country and obviously your knowledge of business is skewed. I dont know Mr. Cavenaugh personally, but I do know that you don't need a decent credit score to play a video game or eat a hamburger. Auto sales has been declining for years and with the current credit crisis, getting financing for an auto loan is as difficult as its ever been. You are sticking up for Mr. Wilson (who by the way is the same owner when it was Alleighs, his wife made him change the name to Wilsons) some of the biggest auto dealers in the country have closed, major manufacturers have closed plants, all the salesmen have families to feed. As sad as the closing of Wilsons is sad for the 75 people, 90% of them are college students working part time. It will be easier for them to find jobs that it will be for the salespeople selling cars for a living. Wilsons has been going down for years, when the economy was good. people didnt stop going there because of the ecomomy, they stopped going because it became a sad sad, high priced, dirty, broken place to try and have a god time. Management killed Wilsons, not Wall Street. Get a clue SurfCityTom.


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