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Raise tuition

We can still have that vibrant growing economy by making those who play, pay! Why do they get a pass while sticking it to the taxpayers? Everyone needs to ask themselves how these bonds will benefit them. If you're young, college-educated, and childless, why should you vote to raise your taxes? You may still be paying off your own college debt. Better to save and invest your money so that one day, if you decide to have children, tuition won't be a problem. If you're retired, your children are probably out on their own, likely don't live here, and have already established their own life without being financially dependent on you. If you want to help them, don't cut their inheritance by paying more in taxes when you don't have to. The simple fact is that there is no guarantee to a college education. Their open-door policy is the source of the overcrowding. If they're turning away applicants, it's a monster of their own creation! Perhaps they need to be more selective in who they let in....AND raise the tuition for those attending. Sooner or later we are going to wake up to the idea that the tax revenues are not a bottomless well of money to fund open door policies, youth soccer, WAVE, and all these other pet projects that benefit niche populations. Want to go to college and don't have rich parents? Take out a loan...or win a scholarship like one of my kids and her father did. If you are so inept that you can't get a loan, a grant, or win that scholarship, there shouldn't be a seat reserved for you at the local community college. The world needs ditch-diggers and burger-flippers, too.


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