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Read this if you want the facts about the CFCC Bond

Here are the real facts about this issue that have not been accurately reported in previous posts: CFCC and Downtown: CFCC already owns all the property it needs to expand. No new property will be needed for the bond. Downtown vs. the North Campus: The college is building at both campuses because each location has different offerings. Health care programs are downtown. The expansion of health care needs be downtown. Most of CFCC's technical programs are out at the North Campus. That's why the industry training center will be located out there. Keeping them separate keeps overall costs down. If you want to move what's downtown out to the North Campus, you'll need a MUCH bigger bond and also deal with all the downtown businesses that will close because they'll lose a lot of their customers. (One note about the North Campus: The North Campus doesn't have as much space as you might think. Much of the land is wetlands and large power lines run through the middle of the campus - that means you can't build anything underneath them except for parking lots. Building codes also are a factor. In the northern part of the county, the tallest building you can build is three stories. In downtown, you can build higher.) The bottom line is that the college needs to develop both campuses to keep up with the needs of our area. The old WPD Building: Next year, CFCC will have to move several programs out of three buildings in the far northern part of downtown. That's why the police station is being renovated. It will be used to house the classes and programs housed in those buildings. Tuition: CFCC can't build buildings with tuition because it does not get to keep any of the tuition it collects. It all goes back to the state. (Note: NC universities get to keep their tuition. The universities also don't have to ask for bonds to pay for their facilties. They can get all the buildings they want from state lawmakers. Not so for our community colleges...that's another story altogether...) By the way, Vote yes for CFCC! It's the best deal we've got.


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