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Suggestions and Observations

There are a lot of varying opinions here. Some good observations as well from an insider point of view. As someone who grew up in Baltimore, MD and been here for a little over 7 years now, here’s a few thoughts and ideas based on how I watched Baltimore grow from 1980-2000. 1. The industrial parks are fine but I have to agree with many of you, they are just too far in a county that does not have regular public transportation. Transportation that if well planned after an initial setup cost could generate revenue to offset some of the cost. 2. In terms of Whiteville, start renovations from the inside and work its way outward. The work that was done to Vineland Station was great but don’t stop there. There are far too many vacant buildings along Madison St. So much so that more or less that stretch of road is just a through way to get to Walmart and Lowe’s. (Kudos for some of the long standing food grills such as Ed’s Grill and Ward’s Grill and the addition of Mae’s Coffee shop.) I literally watched Camden Yards and much of what is known as the Inner Harbor get built up with attractions then spread out to the surrounding areas of downtown Baltimore. It happened there, it can happen here on a smaller scale. 3. Whether I agree with the election results or not, the one thing that is clear is that young people are closing the gap in society. Not all of them have fallen victim to the poverty trap and are a factor in money that is spent (Theirs and their parents’ money!!!). Reach out to some of the smarter kids in high school to get somewhat of an idea of what they would like to spend money on and work to try to bring those types of businesses to the downtown area. Bear in mind that they are still kids so everything they mention should not be taken at face value but at least there would be a fresh prospective on things. 4. Lastly, someone mentioned “the good ole boy” factor. I have noticed that there is a lot of that here too. I’m not saying we shouldn’t help our friend find employment but what about the deserving neighbors that could use a good word to get in the door? Again, just observations and suggestions. In addition to bringing people to the county there must be mechanisms in place to make them want to stay in the county and feel just as welcome as those who grew up here. Hopefully this will spark positive discussion or get to some of the decision makers here. Time will tell...


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