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Hey Dem Friends, Why aren't you jumping up and down screaming about Bev Perdonothing ducking ANYTHING that might throw some questions her way? You're all about to bust a blood vessel over Sarah Palin. She "promises" to come back if elected Governor. Yeah, right. I hope she's made her last trip to Wilmingtown. Ain't the current Democrat Governor from Brunswick Co? Hmmmm. You'd never know it. This end of the state seems to be left out. I guess it's the "East of 95 Syndrome". Help me out - anyone - what has Bev done since being elected Lt. Governor? I'm not pointing this out to pick a fight. Look at how the Democrat Party has abandoned you. It isn't the party of your father and grandfather. Mike McIntyre is the only one that got my vote. So far he seems to be the only "stand up guy" in the entire party.


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