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Dogs or Babies

I find it extremely ignorant to believe that people should be expected to work hard, to cover the problems of people who don't, or aren't willing to work. I detected a bit of the Obama Socialism in her quote: "This is why you people will have your money taken away from you because you can't priatize and use your money for the good of people who needs it." I think working on her education, might increase her chances of a better paying job. Having dogs is a joy in our life...we have six of them, and yes, the Vet bills are expensive, but we have the funds to take care of them. Our children didn't starve, and neither will our dogs, cats, and Gerbils. I think I even paid for the heater too! A note on the heater....It's not going to be too cold for another month or so, and a couple of blankets might even extend that.....if you can't manage to work extra to get another $250, maybe you should drop the cable and would pay for that heater! I am charitable, and will help those who are willing to help themselves, but I've seen too many hand-outs do absolutely nothing for the person who feels entitled. I'm not a millionaire, and I don't expect Bill Gates to send me any money...because I'm poorer than he why should someone who is poorer than I am, expect it from me?? I work two jobs, and would work more, if I needed it. With the Obama tax plan, I might quit one job, just to avoid having to pay extra taxes...since I'd be working for "money for the good of people who needs it."


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