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It is reported

he was born in a Kenyan Hospital. At the time, that was a British colony. Thus, if true, he is not eligible to be President. A very good question -- why will he not release a clear copy of his birth certificate? If he does not have one why not ask the hospital where he was born to release birth records. He won't authorize that either. Another good question -- why was his paternal Grandmother quoted as saying she was at the Kenyan hospital when he was born and now he will be President? Another very good question -- why will he not authorize the colleges he attended to release copies of his admission applications which would state his borth place and nationality? Another good question -- why do his Indonesian school records list his nationality as Indonesian? Did his Mother renounce his citizenship when she remarried and emmigrated to Indonesia? Another good question -- why is the liberal media giving him a free ride? If this was a Republican they would be all over it with an army of investigative reporters.


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