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I admire your compassion...

Now tell me, how does it alter the legal right of a creditor to do what is necessary to recoup his money? Should Wells Fargo say, "Ah, just pay us when you can?" Here's what you fail to grasp - emotions, compassion, humanity, love.....they have NOTHING to do with contract law. If you stop paying your mortgage, the people who lent you the money have a legal right to pursue foreclosure, re-sell the property, and recover as much as they can. Here's something else you likely miss - "the people who lent you that money" are often the millions of shareholders who own stock in the creditor. So Wells Fargo CAN'T say, "Ah, just pay us when you can," because they are legally bound to protect the shareholders' investments. If you fall on hard times you can often renegotiate a longer term at a higher interest rate, though the current credit situation is making that extremely difficult for people without a ton of equity and an immaculate credit score. BTW, I don't CARE what you do, and please don't lose any sleep worrying about what I do.


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