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"They signed anyway."

The prosecution rests, your honor. That's the same as saying, "The snake started rattling, but I decided to pet it anyway." Look at the positive side - they learned an important lesson, and will never "sign anyway" ever again, in any circumstance They have hopefully learned an even more important lesson, and that is when it comes to financial matters, TRUST NO ONE. Get it in writing and READ the writing three times, just to make sure that it really says what you think it says. A LOT of the money exchanging hands in this world is caused by people banking on the fact that you won't read the fine print. They depend upon the, "gotcha!" I learned my lesson a few years ago. AmEx, launching some new card called "Blue" offered me a $25k interest-free, transaction-fee-free convenience check as long as I paid it back in one year. I did, which obviously caused them to become more creative. They offered me another interest-free, transaction-fee-free convenience check for twelve months, which I immediately accepted again. However I skipped reading the fine print. "Hey, the last one worked fine...what could possibly go wrong this time?" Ah, but this time there was a requirement that I use the associated credit card within ninety days or the an APR of 4.99% would attach to the convenience check. Since I only use one credit card, and pay it off every month, I didn't use the AmEx Blue card, and was shocked to see a finance charge appear in the fourth billing month. I called AmEx, found out exactly what happened and paid the balance off immediately. I also canceled the Blue card AND my regular Amex card, which I had had since 1984. So they made $71 dollars in interest and lost a customer for life. Moral? Don't trust anyone and ALWAYS read the fine print. Yes, you may say "Huh?" a dozen times, but no one has ever died from re-reading boring legalese gobble-de-gook a few times. I'll bet that right now, your daughter wishes that they had read the loan documents.... ...and I sincerely hope that everything turns out okay for them.


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