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Toughen up

I fully admit that when it comes to emotions, I make Mister Spock look like a gushing sob-sister. I also understand that people sometimes simply want to gripe. Now try to see where I'm coming from. I believe that the greatest danger facing this country is from people refusing to take responsibility for what happens in their own life. Maybe I'm too cold, too hard, too in your face, but I am a lone voice crying in a wilderness of coddlers and enablers, that YOU are responsible for YOUR life; every single facet of your life. You better be ready for whatever comes along, because every single one of us will face hardships and obstacles. You get over them, you get around them, but somehow you get past them and you continue to march on. In my life I have been dirt poor, rich, poor again, filthy-rich, and now I'm somewhere in the middle. Throughout fifty-six years of that adventure, one thing has held true - the quality of your life is what YOU make it. 94% of the mortgages in this country are being paid on time by people who are managing their lives and finances well. Of the 6% in foreclosure or about to enter foreclosure, over 60% are real estate speculators who got caught with their pants down when the housing values collapsed. That means that in the current "nightmare" (of our own creation) only about two percent of the mortages in this country are resulting in forclosures that actually push families from their homes. Even in those cases, however, those families likely made bad choices. If you lose your home because of a layoff, did you sit on it too long? If you knew that you couldn't make the payments without a regular paycheck, should you have listed it immediately upon losing your job? Medical expenses? Why do you own a home but not have adequate insurance? Would you not have done better by renting somewhere and having good health insurance? My point is very simple. You can't wander aimlessly through life, trusting to luck, hoping, praying, and then finding that you're up to your neck in doo-doo when it hits the fan. You should not make a single major decision in life without having an adequate plan and an adequate fall-back plan. I'm sorry if that message irritates you, but that message is needed more than ever in this country. The polls say that on November 4th we will make the "Oh, don't worry about it. We'll fix all your mistakes" our official policy of how we do business in this country.... ...and once everyone starts to believe that they can fall on their sword consistently with no ramifications or heartache, God help this nation.


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