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Oh my

Albeit that many bicyclists do pay taxes, I hardly think that roads were built to accomodate automobile and bicycle traffic. There are many cities that have built bicycle lanes that are designated for bicycle traffic. The laws of physics should be considered here. Bicyclists as well as those rediculous glorified mopeds can be a great hazard on the already too congested roadways. The moped/scooters are not required to be registered, no operator's license is needed, yet they travel at speeds up to 35MPH. They weave side to side, often into the lane of traffic that has a speed limit of 45/50 MPH. I understand the desire to go green, lose weight, save on gas etc... but come off it. I have seen people actually bicycling up Carolina Beach Rd., towing their children in some space designed two wheeled carrier behind the bicycle....are you actually going to say that is a smart decision? Even if you feel that bicycle riders are entitled to the road as much as automobiles, is it really a safe and wise choice considering this area is rated amongst the highest cities for traffic accidents and fatalities?


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