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comparing roanoke to this proposed plant is borderline idiotic

if you are posting this type of hateful nonsense you either A. know nothing about environmental issues and this issue in particular or B. you work for titan. why don't you ask your buddies at titan to take you on a field trip to their florida plant where they are leaking benzene into ground water that children drink. that plant is a disgusting mess and the area around it is like a ghost town. ask them to tell you about the environmetal lawsuit they are facing over their polution in florida and the tampering with the environmental impact statement throught the ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS. you ask them about the fact that their annual carbon dioxide emissions equate to 400,000 cars added to wilmington. you like that? you like benzene in your water genius? can you even spell polution? i can: TITAN TITAN TITAN. why don't they build more plants in europe? i know: because europe controls carbon dioxide polution and we dont! that's why they're here. they're also here because they are counting on YOUR ignorance and counting on you thinking that this plant will be like roanoke. AND it's working becuase you aren't educated at all on this issue and you would be ignorant enough to call mothers children and senior citizens, physicians, business owners, and politicians "shiftless bums" i hope ten years from now you'll be thanking the shiftless bums for protecting your children since you obviously don't care enough to educate yourself and do what is good for your town. By the way, ROANOKE EMITS 30 TIMES LESS MERCURY (A NEURO TOXIN) THAN THEY ARE PERMITTING TO RELEASE HERE. and those people in roanoke may not see a problem. guess what expert, you cant see mercury. you cant see carbon monoxide in your house either but it will choke you to death in your sleep. but hey, if you can't see it, it must not be a problem right? don't worry uninformed, uneducated naieve, ignorant media swallower, i will protect your town for you. you keep focusing on what's important? air? water? soil? wetlands? traffic structures? children? ALL STOPTITAN.ORG STATISTICS ARE FROM FACTUAL SOURCES INCLUDING ALL OF THE AGENCIES YOU MENTIONED. OUR FACTS ARE FROM THE FEDERAL EPA. OUR RESEARCHERS ARE RESPECTED (THE MOST RESPECTED) SCIENTISTS IN THIS PART OF THE STATE. THEY ARE INFINTELY SMARTER AND MORE INFORMED THAN YOU THREE AND TALK PR PUT TOGETHER. take care and read a book or can you read?


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