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Let me quote Mark Twain

“When I was seventeen I thought my father was the stupidest man I had ever met. When I was twenty-one it was amazing how much the old man had learned in those four years” In other words, being a UNCW sophomore who can surf well and works at Outback four nights a week doesn't really mean that you know more about this than the federal and state agencies who truly ARE the experts. Time to face up to reality, junior. The ignorant people are the ones who are stamping their feet, holding their breath, waving their signs, and crying "No-no-no-no." People with BRAINS are saying, "Let it go through the permitting process and see what the federal and state regulatory agencies say." (BTW, really smooth move on the reason for last night's protest - you didn't like Titan's format for public meetings? TOUGH!")


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