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i'm gawna say sumpin funny like tree hugger du how u spell that?

i didn't know there were this many losers in wilmington. i have only been on this site for two days but it is amazing that i can get all you uninformed ignorant hateful poeple so worked up. i am a uncw surfer and i wait tables and i don't know the facts? i would bet you any amount of money that i am more successful, better educated, better off, more informed on any given environmental issue, or political issue than all of you put together. i think it is funny that all you rednecks can do is say "quit kissing trees duh huh" it reminds me of the big dumb bully kid in school that always had volume but never said anything clever or effective. to me, listening to you morons say stuff like that just proves to me that you are more ignorant than i was already guessing AND i will ask in my prayers tonight that i get the oppurtunity to tell you that in person. i on the other hand can spout off five vetted facts for every dumb unfactual statement you can squeeze out of your little brain. i'm not in college, i'm not a hippie, i dont wait tables but even if i did, i would still be so much smarter than you that is almost a waste of my energy to type this. you should get involved in something more simple and on your level so you don't sound like such a simpleton when posting. you are really just embarassing yourself.


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