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get offf your high horse and let go of the tree hahahahahahahha!

wow! that sounds like something an elementary school kid would say. i really hope there aren't many people as slow as you out there. do you live in a home with other slow peopele? i really hope you don't vote! We didn't like Titans method for their meetings because what they do is a. refuse to have a real forum with scientists and specialists, where citizens can ask questions infront of everyone and have titan fail to answer them. b. they know they can't have an open meeting with everyone discussing because they don't want to have to answer our polution questions on the news and on record. they only want a certain number of people in each room and they control the information. they also do not "promise" an answer to everyquestion. if i were to go in there and ask a doozy they would ignore me. that's what they have done at their other information control/propaganda sessions. you are just buying everything they're feeding you aren't you. you probably believe everything you see on the news too don't you? if ignorance is bliss, you must be constantly ecstatic.


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