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103 yr. old woman votes

When I heard the beginning of this news story I thought "how wonderful, this lady is STILL exercising her right to vote". It was her daughter's comments that made me sick! It appears SHE convinced her mother to vote for "the handsome BLACK man". She even stated she had told her mother "he's a black man running for president, don't you want to go vote for him?" I would bet this dear old lady has no idea what Obama stands for. I would bet she couldn't tell you one single thing about him, except that he is black. This country is going to go to hell in a hand basket if we elect our president because of race and that is what it appears is going to happen. I would also bet that if that was a 103 yr. old white lady that was there and said she was voting for McCain because he was nice looking WHITE man it wouldn't make the news or if it did she would be called prejudice. I'm sure this 103 yr. old lady isn't the only one out there voting for Obama just because he is a black man-what a pathetic reason to vote for a presidential candidate. I know the news report said she didn't say who she was voting for, but her daughter said it for her. It frightens me to think what will likely happen to our country if he is elected by people who have no clue what is going on and really don't care-they just want to get the black man in the White House. That shouldn't be the reason to cast a vote. I don't care that he is black,white, green or purple-IF he was the man for the job. But, he has too many skeletons in his closet and absolutely NO experience (military or legistative) to run this country. I for one will cast my vote for the man that fought for this country and is proud to put his hand on the Bible, salute the flag of our country and wear it proudly on his lapel!


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