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RE: 103 yr. old woman votes

"I would also bet that if that was a 103 yr. old white lady that was there and said she was voting for McCain because he was nice looking WHITE man it wouldn't make the news or if it did she would be called prejudice." The double standards in this country are appalling. So, why did she vote for Kerry or Bush in 2004? There wasn't a black man in the equation then. Blacks have voted for forty some presidents, not to mention senators, house of representatives, judges, etc. all of which were not of their race and never has there been a question as to why they voted for them. Now, a black man is running for president and all of a sudden black folks are prejudice because they support him. UNBELIEVABLE! It's really unfortunate that you refuse to give black folks (even if just a small percentage) the benefit of the doubt that they are voting for Obama because of the issues or because they are die hard Democrats or because they have studied and agreed with his tax plan. Perhaps they are voting for Obama because of his platform on the same issues for which they voted for forty other white presidents. What is unfortunate is your need to express your hypocritical views in response to a story relating to a 103 year old woman.


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