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For once, you and I agree

You also have statistics on your side: Blacks have consistently voted Democratic for the past forty years. Obama being Black has nothing to do with the fact that you're voting the same party line again. What I don't understand is WHY? What have the Democrats done for Black America? Jeez, LBJ and his "Great Society" all but destroyed three generations of Black Americans. You and I both know that simply giving you money is not going to fuel a long-term increase in Black economic parity with White America. The future of Black America is not going to be found in Washington. I'm not saying that the Republicans have earned your support, but the Democrats use you, take your vote for granted, and deliver NOTHING. Re-inventing welfare under the guise of increased EIC will do nothing but bring about the malaise that infected poor Americans of all colors until Clinton did away with endless welfare. What it will also do is slow the economy further, and who suffers most when the eceonomy stalls? Aren't you tired of waiting for the Democrats to keep all those broken promises?


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