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RE: For once, you and I agree

While I'm excited that we finally agree on something, I regret that mention of black people is automatically associated with welfare. Yes, like many other ethnic groups there are a percentage of black folks that receive welfare; however, there is a greater percentage that work and pay taxes. A percentage that actually work to be productive members in society yet still face oppositions simply because they are black. It's unfortunate there is never any positive when referencing blacks there's always the implication and instant discussion of welfare. Based on your response, the question isn't what have the Democrats done for blacks, the question is what has anyone or party done for blacks. Your point has some validity. Unfortunately, as a race of people all we can do is what we've done for years and that is struggle to survive. There are certain areas of wealth in this country that many enjoy today result for the sweat and tears of black folks, although now we're labeled lazy and always looking for a handout. Again, there is a percentage that live under a cycle they refuse to break, I cannot deny that; however, there are many that hold their own. As a race of people if our hope rest in a certain political party or leader, then we are yet again lost. My hopes are in a power far greater. The difference for me in this election is I don't see power..I see purpose.


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