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Mama, I only mentioned those programs...

...because they were the creation of a Democratically controlled white House and Congress, and are the source of so many problems in the Black community today. I sincerely believe that the welfare state that existed from the mid-Sixties until the mid-Nineties (and in some ways, still exists today) was the most destructive plague sent upon poor Americans in the history of the nation. It affected people of all races, but was most destructive to those who were still fighting for basic civil rights, let alone full incorportaion into mainstream America. The KKK, in their most twisted fantasies, could not have come up with something so debilitating over the long term. Everything the Democrats have done to "help" Black Americans has been done in a half-baked manner with no regard for the long-term tradeoffs. That's why Obama's plan to increase advanced EIC is nothing more than revisiting the Great Society mindset of "Stay home, we'll give you money, if you have a baby we'll give you more money, just please don't burn down our cities." The only thing missing from a complete return to the same nightmare as AFDC is the absence of a requirement that no healthy adult male be resident in the home! How are the poor going to get anywhere if we simply throw a small anount of money at them? Without an education, poor people who are given money blow that money. The many successful, prosperous Blacks in this nation are in that condition because their parents or grandparents refused to sit back and accept the handouts, years ago. They realized early on that "free money" was just as addictive as any drug being sold on the corner. I learned a long time ago that a man's value is found in the strength of his word and character, not the color of his skin. That's why it pains me to see Blacks wedded to a political party that has consistently lured them with the siren's song, then delivered nothing but more pain and even worse suffering through crazy, destructive policies that set full societal integration back many years. The bottom line is that no political party or governmental program is going to help poor Black Americans, or solve the lingering problems that many still face. The Republicans ignore you, but the Democrats keep far too large a percentage of you emeshed in their own special form of slavery. You owe them nothing.


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