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Common, I believe you are correct

from a philosophical position. I appreciate the historical facts and statistics used to support your view of blacks and the systems enforced that essentially prohibit more blacks from making progress. Alot of what you are saying is absolutely true. However, its difficult to truly understand the oppositions unless you've walked in the shoes, or in this case, walked in the skin. First of all, some of the most successful blacks in this country have come from single parent homes that have often times received some form of government assistance. It's not always by choice, but necessity. Yes, there are many today that take advantage of the EIC and the once a year "fat pocket" benefit it offers. Now, keep in mind the EIC maximum extends to roughly $40k a year income. This could not only be welfare recipients with minimum wage jobs per say, but could essentially include school teachers, nurses and incomes from other professions could fall into this category. I understand you are more focused on those that game the system by working just enough to have income to file taxes and fall within the $3k - $4k EIC bracket, but what about those that truly would like to get out of the system and do better. For everything in life, there will always be those that don't care to do better. Unfortunately, there will always be some type of system that will help promote them not to do better. I do however believe, that some of the problem stems from the mentality derived during times of slavery. The same slave mentality that suppressed many blacks during those years still exist today. Its been passed down from generation to generation. Its the same mentality that not only convinced some slaves there was nothing more in life for them than to remain enslaved on the plantation, but more importantly, to remained enslaved in their minds. The mentality that allowed them to accept the meager lifestyle given to them rather than to excel for better. The same mentality that taught them to invoke violence among themselves rather than join forces and promote success amongst themselves. The problems have nothing to do with any political party. It's simply a cycle that has to be broken.


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