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Just Happened to drop this off huh

Wow! What an Ocotber Surprise! the already vetted material that the Senator has come clean about and discussed has been brought to the attention of the news by an anonymous source..LOL! What a comedy! Look..the facts are this...the Senator is our best and ONLY hope to keep NEW HANOVER county in play in the econonic crisis we face...she has been our champion for four years and she is going to continue and she is one of the most effective legislators up there...but more than anything..she actually CARES about where she grew up, the people she grew up with, and making sure we ALL get the best here... Her personal life is most certainly up for scrutiny...but not one person out there knows the truth of the matters at hand and at least half of you reading this (given statistics) know how ugly a "divorce" seperation whatever you want to call it can be. Regardless, the facts are that she ALWAYS put the child first...ALWAYS does put the CHILD first....and she has her priorities right...If there is any wood on your backs...then cast that stone..but I would say that this woman has not only gotten it togehter for us...but has gotten it together for her family and herself as well...


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