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What are you thinking?

It is absurd how much people in this country, state, and city are concerned about the personal lives of those running for a position in politics. All you people are are nosy. Did any of you ever think that maybe Senator Julia Boseman has not "fessed up" to her foreclosure issues because it was NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS? How many houses have been up for foreclosure lately? Thousands? Millions? It is no secret that the economy sucks right now, and yes, everyone suffers. Who was it that said she shouldn't have bought more houses than she could afford? I am sure she was able to afford them at the time, and I am definitely sure she was not planning on her relationship breaking apart. Believe it or not people, it happens to the best of us. Did anyone think about the impact of all this on her former partner? What a coincidence it was that Jerrell stepped down from her Head Softball Coach position within days of her and Boseman's personal lives being put all over the local news. Its really sad how much you people care about what goes on in these people's personal lives. It is their business, and their business only. If they want to publicize it themselves, then let them do it; but don't go behind their backs and take it upon yourselves to put it all over the news! It is just like how everyone cares more about the cost of Sarah Palin's clothes and the fact that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant than they do about what she can actually do (or not do depending on your political views) for our country. If you are going to bash our political leaders or potential leaders, do it for a better reason than her clothes cost too much, her teenage daughter is pregnant (once again people-it happens to the best of us), or she is going through a custody battle with her ex-girlfriend.


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