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political change real leaders

people read the news look at all the gang violence , murders , rape, dwi arrests, bodys being found of women in woods skulls carcasses being sent to labs , look at our public tax paid streets and roads here in wilmington more pot holes than the mexican mafia, our sewer water drainage "warning" dont use the water to drink for 48 hrs near gordon road unsafe , look at the rest homes and the ederly how they get mistreated rest homes being shut down investigated by the state , the cost of medical care insurance , state funded mental health centers being sued south eastern under budget "crisis",section 8 over budget asking residents to move , price of gas ,our taxes on property are the highest in the state there is no way in he** im gonna get the price they tax me for my vehicle , these politicans cater to people with money, corporations, unions ,yeah they tell you all these sweet lil words and dreams you wanna here but that is not going to happen they turn the other way and avoid the poor tax payer like the plaque , what are these politicans doing the ones we voted for i could not sleep at night in a county with such problems nowing i was an elected leader for the citizens , get out there get a team together and make visits to these places see what is happpening i guarantee if the mayor , the senate and other political leaders here elected to repersent new hanover county residents took the time to go to these places and just visit for citizens well beings that that would make a great difference in quality control for our community


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