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fair and balanced? wow that's creative. do some research

the epa has been sued by more than one state for refusing to regulate certain types of polution. titan is involved in a long drawn out lawsuit right now in florida. get em to take you there on a field trip, interview some of those citizens. five state and federal agencies have already spoken out against this plant. does the u.s. fish and wildlife association not have any clout with you experts? let the federal govt. protect you from polution like they are handling banking, education, social security etc. yeah you're right! they are way more trustworthy than local scientists, physicians, marine biologists who know this river, our air and our circumstances. research the situation with their florida plant and the army corps of engineers. research their florida lawsuit and alleged ground water polution. google cement plant explosions. as far as all of these people being treehuggers, did you not see the sixty year old country folks out there with signs? did you not see the politicians out there protesting. you should refer to those from now on as the "the people who know what they are talking about" as far as the chromium plant/sulfuric acid, don't worry they are next. i for one do not plan to stop here. we plan to clean up the cape fear and keep all other polutant industries out of our town. you just stay at home and depend on 6 minute bias news stories for your information. we'll protect your town so that you don't have to. OH YEAH, for you bloggers who are very clearly on the pay roll of this company, don't worry i'm not going anywhere. i plan to disprove all the propaganda you post on here and i plan to help people learn the real facts about you and your industry so get ready to do some typing. as for the angry frustrated uninformed folks on here, you're wrong and i know your anger is all you have, so if i start to bother you; you can just go blog on american idol's website. it may be more appropriate to your level.


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