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keep your polution in greece! oh that's right you're not allowed

to imply that wilmington may become a ghost town if we don't let a highly polutant cement plant come to town is almost as ignorant as thinking that titan and industries like them don't polute. wilmington has a huge tourism industry that will not go away (that is unless of course, we let a lot of polution move into our area). we have a booming film industry. a booming fishing industry. numerous high tech positive businesses moving here every year. we are a coastal town with natural beauty and amazing beaches. you would have to have an i.q. in the double digits (that's low) to think that we will become a ghost town if we do not let huge corporate poluters pump poison into our air and put 5000 of our kids in their self proclaimed "5 mile danger zone". you would have to be slow to think that our economy will dwindle if we make responsible business development decisions. this is how these bozos got elected. a bunch of other bozos voted for them. why don't you google cement plant explosions or environmental lawsuits. rent a civil action or erin brokovich. these are the kinds of situations and the kind of poluters that end up in true story movies. we have a great film industry here but i'd rather not see a true story made about our groundwater being contaminated or our fish becoming unsafe to eat. but hey as long as our booming town is saved from ghost town status from 160 crappy jobs, who cares about water and fish?


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