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You proved my point better than I could have!

You certainly didn't disappoint. "I must have my way! Don't believe the EPA - I know more! Believe ME!" Love your latest mantra: "Virginia doesn't count. Disregard the good reports." I'm not on Titan's payroll. I simply believe that every applicant deserves a fair investigative permitting process. If they pass the permitting process, the plant gets built. If they can't pass, the plant doesn't get built. If you don't like the permitting process, work to get it changed, LEGALLY. In other words, Titan deserves far better than your lynch-mob anarchy. They deserve the protection of the laws as they are established and as guaranteed by our Constitution. If that's "propaganda" in your mind, then YOU are the one with the problem. BTW, is writing an essay in one continuous paragraph, devoid of upper case letters, the mark of a true enviro-warrior...or are you some kind of e.e. cummings fanatic?


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