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Ah, but there are other people at Oxford...

...and equally prestigious universities who say that the current warming is part of a natural cycle. Still others claim that the evidence for *gobal* warming is thin, and that what we many be seeing is a major climate shift, with some parts of the Earth warming while others are growing colder. Whichever theory you care to accept or reject, we still need cement. We still need to drive. We still need to generate electricity. We still need to raise cattle. We're still going to have volcanoes. So while we may try to minimize the unessential CO2 emissions, we cannot eliminate CO2 emissions. What's the current theory from the global warming experts? If we stopped ALL indutrial CO2 emissions right now, the Earth would continue to warm for the next one-hundred years? Man, as a species, will either adapt to a changing Earth or become extinct. It really is that simple. (BTW, if the experts would stop mixing Socialism with science, they might find that people are more receptive to their ideas. As long as we hear that the United States and industrialized Europe must severly cut emissions while emerging economic giants like Brazil, India, China and the entire Third World don't have to, you can rest assured that the feeling that this is more of a wealth redistribution scam than a "rescue mankind mission" will do nothing but grow.)


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