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I will tell you first hand, Creekwood has less than we think of honest hardworkimg people. This includes the lady who was in charge of Creekwood and who has since been promoted. It is 100% true that most of the people who do not live out there causes the problems. They are allowed to because ya'll let them. Everytime the police get out with someone YOU defend them. I know for a fact that the residents out there are proud of the Rep they have. That is until the media shows up. It is true the residents out there screw time and again and blames everyone but themselves. I am sick and tired of funding rent, food, and whatever else for people who have children that should not. You can tell these people early in life. They are the ones who quit school, don't turn in class work, blame teachers for their grade, bully other kids for self esteem motivation, and belive school can't teach them anything. Creekwood you have earned the REP you desired. Are you not proud of your pathetic selves. You teach your children the poverty mentality because you won't break the cycle.


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