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Gee, if I offended anyone...

...GOOD! You need to be awakened from your malaise. Anyone proposing a 25% reduction in defense spending (and he's getting a lot of support within his party) is out of touch with the realities of the world. Recently we had Russian Blackjack bombers visiting Venezuela (and according to Chavez, it's going to become a regular occurence) while Russian troops ran roughshod over a supposed ally, but the Democrats want to cut defense spending? Every day we are intercepting radio traffic about Al Qaeda plans to strike at the United States again, but the Democrats want to turn off a quarter of the receivers? Far from a tantrum, I'm sending out a warning - if you are all fired up to vote for Obama, fine. This late in the game, there's nothing I can write that will make you realize wealth redistribution simply doesn't work... ...but think hard before you also vote for a Democratic controlled Congress.


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