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Here's a Plan

First: identify all of the non-resident young gentlemen who come into the project[s] after dark to conduct business. Second: have the Police do vehicle registration checks on the SUVs, Escalades, Mercedes, and other high end vehicles which appear in the projects after dark. If they are not registered to an occupant of the project, and they are there after 10:00 at night, tow them to a Police impound yard. If they are registered to an occupant of the project, have WHA officials contact that occupant to determine how they can afford such a vehicle while on Section 8 housing. Third: offer their parents the opportunity to get the Gentlemen out of areas they do not belong and have them get jobs that do not include selling non-prescription pharmacutical products. Fourth: Have the local NAACP chapter focus its marching efforts in the Projects and in front of the homes of the previously mentioned young gentlemen and their parents. That will certainly accomplish more for today's society than marching over something that occured in 1898. This has been suggested before. Fifth: Have the police there every night. If Resource Officers can be put at every school in every county, then let the police place armed officers on the ground. If the police can'nt do it, let the Governor dispatch National Gaurd troops to the projects. Keep them there until the gentlemen dealing drugs get the message. Have them return periodically to reinforce the message. Sixth: if all else fails, evacuate the citizens for a long week-end; seal off the projects after the gentlemen arrive to do business; then send in Chuck Norris and The Terminator. Maybe include Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, and Jean Claude van Damme. Have the President grant them a full and unconditional pardon for any actions they may be required to take over that long week-end to clean up the projects.


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