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Sect. 8, Creekwood, My thoughts

I've read both Articles on this Web page.. Full Discloser; I'm a Disabled, Single, White Father of 2 Teen-aged Daughters. I've been on the "waiting list" for Section 8 housing for the better part of 4 or 5 years, after WHA, "lost" My previous Application... My Current "wait" time has been 2+ years. I recieve 797 per month, which 475 goes to rent, the rest into utilities.. Progress, (elect)/City of WILmington, (sewer/water/trash), Piedmont, (gas)... No money left over after I pay those... I say/posted these figures, because, in case people wonder, If I "need" Section 8.... I've been contacted by WHA recently regarding housing, if I would "consider" moving into the housing Projects.. Which, I politely declined, truth being, when you have a WAVE Transit bus driver ask, "Are you sure you wish to get off here"???, in a certain area of Wilmington, (Creekwood/Taylor Homes come into mind here), You KNOW YOU DO NOT want to live there, or be caught there after dark if your disadvantaged/disabled in the area in question...Plus, My Daughters and I are the Wrong Color.(White) My "other" concerns.... Residents, (for the most part), of Public Housing are NOT PROACTIVE, in their own Safety, Security or surroundings, they DO NOT care, or are "scared" of thugs, read; SONS of the very Welfare Mothers that are receiving Public assistance, Joining Gangs and Dealing crack Cocaine. (Example, One poster expressed that She "Minds Her own Bidness", living in creekwood for 10 years!!!!...)Part of the "Problem", right there, Not being "Proactive" in the Community, NOT taking PRIDE in the area you live in.. Entitlement "privileges" run AMOK!!! Unless you are Disabled,or a Senior Citizen, Public Housing should be a Safety net, **NOT** a Lifestyle,10 YEARS! Sheeesh! Having Child after child, Living off the guberment tit, rearing GANGSTA's, that our Public Housing has become. Scamming the system, with a "Babies Daddy(s)", Working/Living/dealing drugs while residing there rent free. I watched the Nice Greenhouses erected and then torn-up, (Creekwood), by the very residents that they were met to help out. If trash wasn't picked up by employees of WHA, it would become a trash dump literally overnight. A Attitude that is expressed, It's not mine, so I don't have to "take care of it" mentality exist's... Thats just a few Realities of Public Housing.. If I were to move into "Public Housing", I would be Murdered in just a few months, after all, I would be PROACTIVE, start a Community Watch against thugs, Ask residents to enter into agreements to Policing Community areas, (policing *trash* in more ways than one,other than the trash laying on the grounds), Calling in Suspicious people, "hanging out", Intolerant of Drug dealing..etc... Those "Babies Daddies", staying rent free with these Welfare mothers would and SHOULD be Promptly be reported to the WHA AND Social Services, paying a portion of the rent based on their income or get out..Thats called FRAUD Folks....(How do you think some of those "Welare reciepants" drive nice cars? They don't pay "rent" while "Babies Daddy(s)" work/deal drugs, staying rent free). In Closing, I'm going to continue juggling my utility bills, hoping not to get cut off in the meantime, not affording personal Hygiene/cloths for Myself, (My daughters DO get theres, I do without), and just get by the best I can... I'll wait for that voucher, or die waiting, Maybe Living in a Puptent after My Daughters Leave, before I move into a Public Housing Project..Endangering MY Daughters and OUR lives..


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