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Public Housing

I am a single mother of three and I graduated this past May from the University with my 4 year degree. I am still unemployed! I have been searching tirelessly for empoyment,without success,and have decided to pursue graduate school! I find it very disturbing that so many people,without hesitation, offer unkind words and accusations. They voluntarily belittle families in the housing projects without offering a solution to the problem or any assistance with helping find one. Sometimes people just don't know what help, if any, is available to them to remove themselves from difficult and embarrassing situations. Many people aren't privied to the "Unspoken Priviledge" that accompany so many others. After reviewing the census data from the Wilmington Chamber of Commerces' website, I have found that White citizens make up 79.9 percent of New Hanover County while Black citizens make up 17.0 percent and the remaining goes to "other"; yet, all that is ever discussed is housing projects and areas that are predominantly Black. These are considered problem areas by most. I must emphasize that 17 percent is a small fraction of the greater 79.9 percent of the residents. Does anyone question why all of the "projects" are filled with mainly black families when this clearly is a predominantly white county? Unless all of the White residents are considered middle to upper class with fairly decent salaries, have a lack of unemployment issues, and are completely unfamiliar with the Department of Social Services and the Wilmington Housing Authority, then public housing issues aren't the only issues that need to be re-evaluated! I challenge all to aid in offering solutions to some of these problems instead of always restating them. Have a reason to speak!


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