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castles and gold

first of all no one has said that people do not deserve section 8 what has been said is that the resorces at hand should be used for their intended pourpose secondly you can't be to much of a PROUDWOMAN sitting waiting for the day that your social savior takes away the evil rich peoples gold and castles. whats funny is that if the savior isn't elected tuesday we the terible evil holders of the gold and castles will still produce weekly checks that produce taxes that feed and houes the less fortunate maybe if the savior isn't elected we evil holders of the castles and gold should rethink what we do provide maybe we can start programs that will insure that the able are working and get the people with 10 1/2 years on the payroll off and a last note to the proudwoman look into your own heart and ask yourself did i do everything i could today to advance myself my neighborhood my family , or did you just vote for someone who you thing will give you what you have not earned


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