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Hurricane Hanna and the Turtles

It was unusual to see as many young turtles remaining in the area as late as they did this year. I saw dozens of them, most between ten and eighteen inches. They were all over the marshes and tidal channels well into October, but the reason was obvious: Hurricane Hanna had steered millions of cannonball jellyfish back into the inlets and waterway. The turtles were staying a little later than normal to feast on the windfall. I was out again this past week and did not see even one. The Winter transition has already taken place in the marsh. The eagles and osprey are gone (except for one adult osprey that is STILL remaining in the exact same area, week after week) The cormorants have returned and first-year, brown herring gulls are here after being born up North. I haven't seen a skimmer or oystercatcher in weeks, but I do see small numbers of buffleheads starting to arrive. It seems that everything except the turtles left early this year. The dolphin are already a rare site, even though the water is still fairly warm. It will stay warm for another three weeks or so, then plummet rapidly into the fifties. Two months from now it will be in the mid- to high-forties and the water will be crystal clear because of the algae die-off. You'll be able to make out bottom details in twenty feet of water. The Summer-only boaters miss the best time of year to be out there.


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