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water pollution the blame ??????

bo you are giving me the impression of fresh water, lakes, ponds and rivers freshwater fish and pollution ,or maybe you are one with a commercial fishing liscense the one whom is trying to sell your cfl after you seen it was so overcrowed with fellow neters it was impossible to get your money back we are talking salt water atlantic ocean and hundreds of thousands of miles of salt ironic water it would be virtually impossible to pollute the atlantic ocean . storm water runoff into the ocean is not stagnant and sitting like in a lake the water is steady being circulated by tide change and world spinning furthermore i talked to boat captians of small cruises and fishing charters and also veterans of fishing here in wrightsville beach area and they all agree it is the commercial fisherman and there nets that are deminishing the population i can tell you that everybody and there uncles, cousin, nephews, aunt wants to go into commercial fishing and be there own boss and work on there own time clock,think about all the other species of fish that get tangled up in commercial nets and are thrown overboard dead or that were too small for the size limit dead thrown overboard,this is even not to mention oysters and shellfish ,shrimpers too ,bo there aint no more good ole days with grandpa at the bridge or pier catching flounder or shrimp with a hand net all that is memories of extinction of species of fish from commercial fishing nets , storm water run off pollution are not the problem but maybe a 25% of the problem in rivers that feed into the ocean .


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