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you are what's wrong with this country

whats wrong with this country is that there are too many ignorant, racist, loud mouthed idiots that believe that they are somehow a better, higher classed people, because their ancestors IMMIGRATED to this country a couple of generations ago, instead of recently. unless I'm mistaken, the only true AMERICANS are those of the NATIVE persuasion, everybody else, WHITE AND BLACK has come from IMMIGRANT ancestors at some point in time. maybe if you all stopped spending so much time and effort preaching hatred towards fellow human beings, and did something good for mankind, the world would be much better off. get over it's the 21st century already... in a country that has people toting bumper stickers saying "support the troops", there are an awful lot of hipocrits that think it's OK for our soldiers to die helping others around the world gain personal rights, freedom of religion, and democracy, but won't even tolerate the same conditions here in the USA. many people gave there lives so our great country can have these freedoms, and you people that waste time spewing hatred towards others, here in the good ole USA, are pathetic and an embarrassment to Americans. Ever wonder why the rest of the world hates us? it's because we don't practice what we preach..


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