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Things were

harder and better in my youth. I had grade expectations to meet if I wanted to play ball or wrestle. If my grades fell, I never had to worry about the school or coach sitting me down. That happened at home. My upbringing did not allow me to roam the streets at 3:00 AM participating in a gang or some after hours job selling non-presecription drugs. I had a curfew 7 nights a week. No excuses for being late. I had behavioural expectations in the neighborhood. Embarass the family with my behaviour and it was walk to the barn for some motivation. Responsibility and accountability began at the home. We did not have or need social service workers. Guidance Counselors helped us with our school or vocational choices. We did not have "no child left behind" or achievment testing to determine if we moved ahead. Of course school funding was from a state and not a national level. Perhaps we need a return of accountability neginning at the home. Perhaps more parents need to be accountable for what their children are doing. I wonder how the test scores read for those youngsters whose parents are actively involved in their child's life.


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