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When my kids were in

When my kids were in elementary school, I used to correct the spelling in any notes I got home from the teacher and then send them back to her. I never got a note that did not have either grammatical or spelling errors. Yes, teachers get paid a yearly salary and it is up to them how they receive it. And if they take it in nine months, they are teachers so are they not capable of sitting down and drawing up a budget for themselves? When I was in the sixth grade in 1972, I went to an elementary school in WV that went from grade one through six. There was one class of students per grade and there were two grades per teacher. My sixth grade teacher had over sixty students to tend to by herself. She did grade planning, teaching, testing, and grading for both the fifth and sixth grade. She had no assistants. She had no parent volunteers, and you would never dream of hearing a teacher complain publicly about their salary, because back then people became teachers because they were interested in educating the future of this country. My kids are in high school now, but when they were in elementary school here, their teachers had at least one and sometimes two paid assistants. As parents, we were encouraged to spend as much time as possible volunteering in our childrens' classes. There were days I volunteered that the teacher might have spent ten minutes in the room, and all we hear is about how underpaid the teachers are in this state. What I have wondered for years is why would anyone spend the money to complete four years of college to get a position in a profession where the majority of the employees are unhappy with the compensation? Just choose a more lucrative profession in the first place, and leave the teaching to those who are more concerned with educating the kids instead of complaining about the wages.


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