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why not

be more specific. Thank the Clinton Administration which started the export of US jobs abroad. Thank the Clinton Administration, Barney Frank, and Thomas Dodd for opening the mortgage check books to people who could not normally qualify; could not even make modest down payments to purchase homes; and could not make the monthly payments required. But they were entitled to home ownership even though they had no means to make the payments. Thank 3 of the top Economic Advisers to Senator Obama who led to the downfall of Fannie Mae and the loss of NINE BILLION DOLLARS which had to be sucked up by the American tax payers. If you think things are bad now; just wait. Let the most liberal Congress in our history be joined by a President even more liberal than Jimmy Carter. Let that group "spread the wealth" and begin the taxing of small businesses; you have seen nothing yet. At least former President Carter had some leadership background. He was a Naval Academy graduate and a Naval Officer. He managed the family business prior to becoming Governor. He was a Governor. What leadership skills does President-Elect Obama have?


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