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The GIANT Sucking Sound

You are mistaken to believe that it was only "light manufacturing" that left this country. All types of manufacturing and service jobs left, including those that are life critical. Understand that I inspect, test and evaluate thousands of different electrical, electronic and mechanical devices as a profession. I see it every day. The quality standards of most Mexican and Asian products are in the woods. American products are notably much, much better. There are some exceptions but you will pay the price. One of many examples would be the Fender Stratocaster. Fender allows you to buy a Mexican model for around $450. For twice that, you can purchase the American model. The American model wins hands down for tonal quality and sustain. The Mexican model is generally for those who cannot afford better. Try to resell a Mexi-strat verses an American model. The older an American model is, the more it sells for. Listen to music on a Kenwood system verses a Bob Carver Sunfire amp. Plop your posterior down on the seat of a Harley Davidson verses a Yamaha. The examples go on and on. A company that I have worked for outsourced some life critical parts to be made in Turkey and Brazil. Bad, bad mistake. From what I understand, after 10 years of this, they still fight quality issues from those suppliers. I did say LIFE critical. Don't try to twist my words, you and I have gone over these issues before. There is nothing wrong with free trade as long as it is fair. It's not. America is held to a much higher environmental standard. Other free trade nations charge tariffs on American products. Foreign governments give subsidies to THEIR companies when our Government gives subsidies to American Companies to offshore. Lets also not forget that most R&D has been done here in America, only to be handed to foreign governments. On a final note, you (and those like you) are your own worst enemy. When American heard that giant sucking sound of jobs going overseas, they reacted. Unfortunately, they turned left rather than elect a person who was a moderate with nationalist overtones like Ron Paul or H. Ross Perot. Now we are going to get a Global Village. Check out yesterdays Drudge report headlines. I challange you to show me how offshoring, as a whole, has benefited this country and the majority of it's people. Sure, you can get a tee shirt for $7.00 but you pay more in the long run to keep food in the mouth of the worker who lost their job. I think you will feel this pinch a bit more starting next year. Maybe you'll wake up.


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