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Death of Self-Defense (Shondell Smith)

Well, Well. First, let me say “I hope the student recovers fully". I think that there are too many kinks in this story. Anthony (& family) was arguing with Shondell (one person). Shondell may have been protecting himself (self-defense). I don’t think Shondell can fight the whole family and plus, he didn’t know anyone but about 3 people there. Shondell is a bails bondsman & is certified to carry a concealed weapon. In a concealed weapons class, you learn how to protect yourself and shoot without killing, which was what Shondell was doing. I don’t think he was trying to kill Anthony, I think he was just protecting himself. Shondell had all opportunity to shoot to kill both Anthony and the officer, but he didn’t because he had no intentions too. As for the officer, I think he was very new to a situation as this one. I don’t think Shondell pointed a gun at the officer. I think the officer got distracted by the all the yelling and open fire. I also heard that Shondell’s hand Due to an argument over a card game, it is so sad that Anthony is injured and Shondell is dead. Unfortunately, we are not hearing much about Shondell's death because he isn’t from Fair Bluff, but hopefully his hometown will follow up with this story.


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